Vegetarian Diets Impact On Cancer Risk

Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and nutrition content of plant foods impact the human body.  Over thousands of years, nature provided us with foods that in their whole natural state provide the human body with energy and assist in healing, disease prevention, and longevity.

Vegetarians who consume whole food eliminate many toxins within meat and dairy products. These toxins are often the result of the way humans produce meat products. Also, these toxins could be the byproduct of meat and dairy metabolism in the body.

Vegetarians who eat out of cans, bottles, and boxes may expose themselves to other toxins that result from the processing food.

Vegans follow a stricter diet by eliminating all the animal products. However, they too may miss the point of a healthy diet if they consume processed vegan foods.

There are studies that show the connection between meat consumption and many diseases including cancer.

There are also studies that show the connection between processed plant based foods and many diseases.

We need to learn to separate the damage an ingredient does to the body from the damage a processing by product does to the body either by removing or adding a substance.

Can a vegetarian diet alone prevent cancer?

The answer is no. Many vegetarians suffer from disease including cancer.  However adding anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, alkaline producing and nutrient dense foods which in short are plants does reduce the chances of cancer.

Both meat and dairy products are inflammatory and acid producing and they increase the risks.

The high fiber content vegetables and fruits reviews chances of specific cancers digestive track including colon cancer.

One theory behind the impact of fiber cancer reduction risk is of the fiber for movements and facilitates the motion of digested by product through the small and large intestines. Just like stagnant water that promotes disease causing bacteria, stagnant undigested food and food products damaged digestive track make it susceptible to disease.

Fiber also seems to bind the gall bladder acidic bile and help remove it from the digestive tract.  Fiber fermentation which creates the bloating feeling is another aspect of neutralizing the acids in the digestive tract.

Fiber also seems to reduce the estrogens in the body and the associated cancer risks.